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Thursday, 31st August 2006 (updated 20th March 2007 with timer information)
Oono miniDABone radio packs features into its mini size

A new do-it-all rechargeable DAB digital handheld featuring MP3 player, voice and audio recorder has been launched by newcomer Oono. The Oono mini DAB One radio stores MP3 files in its 128MB internal memory, but the media player has a few tricks up its sleeve including a SD card slot capable of reading up to 2GB memory cards,

The Oono miniDAB features a large, 6 line 160x96 matrix display, measuring 2 inches corner to corner. Weighing in at 95 grams including lithium polymer rechargeable battery (which takes 5 hours to charge from flat) and just under 100mm tall by 56mm wide by 19mm thick, the Oono mini DAB One radio keeps going for up to 8 hours on DAB, 22 on FM, MP3 and voice record/playback and 6 hours on DAB record. A DC charger/adaptor is supplied. The tiny 16mm internal speaker will even let you listen in without the need for headphones.

The unit lets you program timed recordings on a daily or weekly basis, saving them in MP3 format for transfer to a PC via the SD card. Like the Creative Zen Nano Plus, the Oono miniDABone also has a line input, which lets you make and store recordings from any external source, such as a tape deck or CD player.

There are ten separate timers to bring the radio on to either record DAB or FM, or play a file or live radio. Additionally, the timers can be set as either a one-off event, or a scheduled occurence, either every day, every weekday, Mon-Sat or on a specified day each week.

The Oono DAB radio is retailing for around GBP180.00. You can find out where to buy the Oono mini DAB radio online.
oono miniDAB radio combo front
Oono miniDABone DAB digital handheld radio with MP3
oono miniDABone handheld digital radio DAB front
Oono miniDABone DAB digital pocket radio with MP3
oono miniDAB radio combo side view
Oono miniDABone DAB digital pocket radio - side view

To receive DAB digital radio stations in the UK, you need a DAB digital radio - a type of radio that can receive digital radio broadcasts. For more information, read our guide to DAB digital radio and discover more about radios available to buy.

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