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You can buy the Ruark R2 MKIII (Mark 3) from Amazon in a walnut real wood finish. They also have it in black and white finishes.Alternatively, you can buy from John Lewis in the walnut, black and white finishes.
You can also buy from Hughes Direct in the walnut, black and white finishes.

Photo of the Ruark R2 Mk III connected audio system
Ruark's R2 Mk III connected music system with internet radio gets firmware update for BBC high quality streams and full listen again catalogue

18th February 2017

Ruark's amazing-sounding R2 Mark III can now stream the BBC's radio stations in high quality 320kbps audio and access the entire catalogue of BBC listen again shows listed on the corporation's website - including those containing music, in addition to an already extensive podcast selection.

The firmware upgrade adds mpeg-DASH support to the internet radio streamer, which allows the receiver access to the BBC's high-quality streams.

The Ruark R2 third generation is a fanstasic all-in-one music system combining FM, DAB and DAB+ tuners with an internet radio receiver, letting you listen to a multitude of UK-based stations through its built-in telescopic aerial, or via a wireless broadband internet connection (wi-fi).

You can also read our review of the Ruark R2 Mark III streaming music system, which was on show at Bristol Sound and Vision 2017.

We're no strangers to reviewing Ruark's flagship receivers in years past - we looked at the Ruark R4i and R1 Mk II back in 2012, and the company's MR1 active speakers MK I Edition in 2013

Ruark advise that in some cases the R2 Mk III will detect that a software update is available and prompt you to install, but if this is not the case, through the menu button select 'system' and then 'software update' which will offer the option to install. Of course, you will need R2 connected to the internet via wi-fi for installation to take place.

Ruark notes that, due to the significance of the firmware upgrade, any internet radio presets that you may have saved will be deleted, and will need to be re-saved following the upgrade.
Ruark R2 MK III front view
The Ruark R2 music system with internet radio receiver has recently received a firmware update to enable it to stream BBC stations in higher quality

  • Codec support giving high audio quality for BBC internet radio streams and listen again

Manufacturers, including Ruark, have been working on updates to their current internet receiver models since the BBC made changes in February 2015 to the way internet radios access its streams. The BBC provided an update to their plans in February 2016. Since the changes, many internet radios have only been able to stream the BBC's stations in 128kbps MP3 format (with the exception of BBC Radio 3, whose audio continues to be provided in a higher quality MP3 format). The higher quality format ensures listeners can hear stations in much better quality across all of the BBC's stations, with the internet radio able to switch automatically without interruption to a lower-quality stream if the listener's broadband connection experiences a temporary slowdown.

A couple of recent models from Roberts - the Roberts Stream 93i and iStream 2 - have also received firmware updates via the internet, to allow them to stream the BBC's high-quality audio.

Products from Pure, such as the Evoke F4, , Sensia 200D Connect and One Flow are also compatible with the BBC's revised high-quality internet radio streams and 'listen again' shows. The Zettaly Avy internet radio tablet can also stream the BBC's new streams and 'listen again' content in high quality. In addition, the recently-launched LG stylus 2 DAB+ and internet-enabled smartphone makes use of the BBC's high-quality streams. LG is the first manufacturer to offer a DAB+ receiver in a smartphone.

Our internet radio's Buyers' Guide has been updated with the latest information on receivers able to receive high-quality radio streams from the BBC.

You can also read our review of the Ruark R2 Mark III streaming music system.
Ruark R2 MK III rear panel
The Ruark R2 MK III music system (back panel connections)

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