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You can buy all of these models by clicking on the picture of each (be aware that some receivers have several colour choices, so be sure to pick the correct one when ordering).

You can also check out John Lewis, Co-op Electrical, Argos and Currys for stock of these models.

More for mum

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for more Mother's Day 2017 ideas of tech-powered DAB radio models.

Choose a DAB digital radio for Mother's Day 2017: ease of use, warranty and future-proofing

With the 26th March fast approaching, what better idea than to get your loved mum a radio for tuning into everything from the celebrity news on heat radio, to Radio 4's Woman's Hour and current music courtesy of Virgin Radio? Or, how about some talkSPORT, Planet Rock or old skool dance anthems from Kisstory?

If you choose one of the DAB radios below, you'll get a compendium of DAB, DAB+ (the efficient standard the UK is adopting for stereo digital radio signals) and FM radio stations, so you know your radio is futureproofed to receive all stations.

For more advice, don't forget to check out our DAB Buyers' Guide.
Roberts Elise

Roberts Elise DAB and FM radio

The Roberts Elise uses 6 C-size batteries for portable operation, or simply plug into the mains and store your four favourite stations on direct-access keys along the top of the radio - have BBC Radio 4 Extra on 4 and Magic Chilled on 1 if you choose, with room for two more for quick access in between. The Elise has a rotary volume control and up/down buttons to scroll through the DAB station list. The latest Elise radios are DAB and DAB+ compatible to receive all UK stations. Price range: 40-50.
Pure Elan E3 DAB digital radio available in red blue and grey colours

Pure Elan E3 DAB, DAB+ and FM radio with 3 year warranty and colour screen

Pure's latest Elan E3 DAB+ equipped digital radio is designed to sit on kitchen counter, with a slight tilt to the receiver so that you can easily peek at its colour screen. It is 'digital tick' approved, with a three-year warranty, so UK listeners can take comfort that it will be compatible for many years to come. It has a cool-looking 2.8 inch TFT colour display, so you can see exactly what you're tuned to, and get scrolling text information from your favourite digital stations. Plus, there are handy, direct-access preset memory buttons - no need to go through the menu when selecting your four preferred stations for instant recall.

It's also packed with two separate alarms, so you can use it as an alarm clock radio, with each alarm set for weekday, weekend or daily wake-up calls. What's more, it takes standard AA batteries - even rechargeables: no need to faff around with USB ports to put juice back into the receiver, so you can use it in the garden again. Price range: 60 - 65.

Pure H3 DAB radio with DAB+ and FM

Pure H3 DAB, DAB+ and FM radio with 3 year warranty

DAB+ means your digital radio is futureproofed; the Pure Evoke H3 features a 2.4 inch TFT colour display, Bluetooth audio (so you can pair and play music held on your smartphone to the H3), AUX in socket (if you want to make a cable connection to an MP3 player, letting you hear tracks through the H3's powered speaker - a 3 inch diameter full-range driver with a maximum output of 3 Watts). The H3 is a neat and compact 186mm x 115mm x 110mm, with a ported enclosure for improvements in bass response, and the radio displays DAB slideshow artwork (from a few select stations such as Heart and Capital, when listening in the London area) on that bright screen. You can see the entire range of Pure H series DAB radios here: all come with a 3 year warranty. Price range: £100-130
Goodmans Vintage 60s DAB Plus

Goodmans Vintage 60s DAB radio

Sixties styled, the Goodmans Vintage 60s DAB (with DAB+ and FM radio, just to confirm) in Porcelain White looks fabulous against any room decor. It has three direct-access keys for favourite stations (perhaps a mean number, but easier than scrolling through lists when wanting to get to your favourite stations quickly), together with an AUX input (to connect your smartphone) and headphone socket. Its battery requirements are 6 C-size cells, but of course the radio will also run on mains power. It's also available in moss green and pastel blue finishes on the same link. Price guide: £60

Roberts Radio Play

Roberts Radio Play with built-in rechargeable battery and colourful bumpers

Functional and simple to use, the Roberts Play has a selection of colourful bumpers (one supplied, the rest available separately) to jazz up the original design, but it's the DAB, DAB+ and FM compatibility that is the draw here, along with a built-in rechargeable battery, which means you won't have to shell out again for alkaline batteries. The design itself is available with a small choice of colourful bumpers. Price guide: £50
Sony XDR-S60

Sony XDR-S60 DAB, DAB+ and FM radio

The Sony XDR-S60's chunky styling gets back to basics, but the sound is anything but. With a bass port on the rear to give the sound some presence, a clear matrix display that makes choosing stations childsplay, and five buttons that allow you to switch between Absolute 80s, Heart and Capital with ease, the XDR-S60 is a winner in the DAB radio technology stakes, sounding authoritative with talk stations and exciting with music stations. Read more about the XDR-S60 and find out about its alternative red and black colour finishes. Price guide: £80-90
Ruark R1 Mark III DAB radio

Ruark R1 Limited Edition DAB, DAB+ and FM radio in a soft red finish

The Ruark R1 Mark III Limited Edition DAB, DAB+ and FM radio with Bluetooth is finished with a glossy red finish. With a built-in USB dock for charging smartphones and plenty of sound tweakery including adjustable treble and bass settings and a separate loudness function for improved sound at low levels, like all Ruark Audio products, the R1 sounds amazing - check our review. There's a switchable auxiliary input for MP3 and other audio devices, to allow you to make the most of sounds on your smartphone, too - you can also connect via Bluetooth. Price guide: £200
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To receive DAB digital radio services, you need a type of radio designed to pick up digital broadcasts over the airwaves through its built-in aerial. We've links to good models on our pages, or scroll down the page for some quick links to both DAB and wi-fi receivers.

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