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Monday, 7th November 2016
What's on and how to listen to radio station BBC Music Jazz from the BBC and Jazz FM

Just like a popup restaurant preparing culinary delights, BBC Music Jazz will be serving up a feast of jazz treats over five days from 10th - 14th November 2016 on DAB digital radio, wi-fi internet radio and online.

The BBC have a downloadable PDF schedule of programmes.

Highlights of the 96 hour jazzfest include Will Young, playing songs from Tony Bennett, Jill Scott, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and the Oscar Peterson Trio. Sir Van Morrison also joins the list of big name guests, appearing with broadcaster and saxophonist Leo Green to talk about his love of jazz and the influence it has had on his music.

Four easy steps to tune to BBC Music Jazz on DAB digital radio

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  • turn on your DAB digital radio

  • try tuning to BBC Radio 6 music or 4 Extra. Getting a good signal? Then...

  • look for BBC Music Jazz (16 character displays) or BBC Jazz (8 character displays) in your station list, it will appear before BBC R5LiveSportX (some Pure models with a 16-character display) in the list, or just before BBC R1X or BBC R1 (other Pure and Sony models with an 8-character station list).

  • some digital radio models might show BBC Music Jazz or BBC Jazz after BBC Asian (Network)

  • want to try a rescan/retune for new stations?

Look for BBC Music Jazz in your station list

Look for BBC Music Jazz or BBC Jazz in your station list - on many models it usually appears before Sports Extra or BBC 1Xtra

The temporary 'pop-up' station is a collaboration between BBC Music, BBC Radio and Jazz FM and will broadcast in mono on the national DAB bundle for more than 95 hours, around the clock. Featuring performances from EFG London Jazz Festival, the station will draw on content produced by BBC Radio 2, 3, 4, 6 Music, BBC Radio Scotland and Jazz FM. The audio quality of BBC Radios 1 to 6 will be dropped to 112kbps from 128kbps for the duration of the popup station, and the 7-day BBC EPG will be temporarily unavailable for updates at this time.

How to tune in and listen on DAB digital radio

BBC Music Jazz station will begin at 10am on Thursday 10 November, finishing up at 10am on Monday 14 November

You'll need to tune to a national station such as BBC Radio 4 Extra or BBC 6 music on your DAB digital radio from 9th November, then after a minute or so look for BBC Music Jazz or BBC Jazz to appear in your DAB station list. It should be located in the list either before BBC 5 Live Sports Extra or BBC 1Xtra, or just after BBC WS (World Service) and BBC Asian (Network). Different digital radios will arrange the station list in different ways. If you can already receive BBC 6 music, 5 Live Sports Extra and Radio 4 Extra with a good signal, you will be able to listen to BBC Music Jazz.

Still can't see BBC Music Jazz? You can also retune your DAB digital radio to see if you can pick up the station. The station is broadcasting in mono 64kbps on a frequency reserved for digital radio: channel/block 12B across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

To receive DAB digital radio services, you need a newer type of radio which can pick up both DAB and DAB+ digital broadcasts over the airwaves through its built-in aerial, to make sure you've a future-proofed way of listening to DAB digital radio. We've links to good models on our pages, or scroll down the page for some quick links to both DAB and DAB+, and internet radio, receivers.

Want to delete the label ?BBC Music Jazz or ?BBC Jazz from your station list after it has finished broadcasting? Check out our FAQs for instructions.

How to stream on a wi-fi internet radio

Newer models and internet radios that have received firmware updates to support the BBC's high-quality "HLS" audio streams, such as Roberts Stream 93i, Roberts iStream 2, Pure One Flow, Pure Evoke F4 and Pure Sensia 200D Connect are also able to stream BBC Music Jazz.

You can command the Amazon Echo/Echo Dot/Echo Dot 2 to "play BBC Music Jazz on Radioplayer" or "play BBC Music Jazz on TuneIn" to see if it is available on these platforms.

More highlights include celebrity Jay Rayner presents Jazz and Food, in which the restaurant critic, writing and jazz pianist, serves up an hour of food and drink-based jazz. Jay Rayner also presents a special edition of Jazz Voice, live from the EFG Jazz Festival Opening Gala stage on Friday night, 11 November.

Movie Star Don Cheadle, who wrote, produced, directed and starred in the 2016 Miles Davis biopic Miles Ahead, chooses his favourite Davis songs in a one-hour long interview with Jazz FM presenter Jez Nelson.

Acclaimed singer Gregory Porter explores the music and technique of some of his favourite jazz vocalists; musician Laura Mvula celebrates her musical hero Miles Davis and The Scissor Sisters Ana Matronic takes listeners through a guided tour of her own jazz 78s.

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