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Suffolk DAB launch lineup - how to get the stations
Suffolk First on DAB digital radio in the county
Friday, 7th October 2016
Finally, Suffolk First and other digital stations officially launch on DAB
Heart, Smooth, Fun Kids, Chris Country & BBC Radio Suffolk part of line-up

A local primary school near Bury St Edmunds was the venue for the launch of Suffolk's very own local DAB digital radio services. Local MP and Minister of State responsible for digital policy at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, joined representatives of stations on the digi radio bundle, alongside pupils from Ixworth Primary School.

The choice of a primary school and the involvement of pupils was particularly fitting, as one of the stations on the multiplex - Fun Kids is aimed at children. BBC Radio Suffolk, Heart, Smooth Radio, country music station Chris Country and children's station Fun Kids are now broadcasting on DAB in the area. Fun Kids already broadcasts across large parts of the UK, but its inclusion on the Suffolk digi radio multiplex ensures it can be heard county-wide. The six stations that have launched in Suffolk all use the regular DAB standard and are broadcasting right now on channel 10C.

Brand new station Suffolk First is providing news, sport, entertainment and celebrity news during weekday mornings, with a musical emphasis on country music tracks - you can check it out online at the link above.

Chris Country, which focuses on American country music, is the second country music station for Suffolk.

Contemporary hit music station Heart, laid-back melodic hits station Smooth Radio and the BBC's public service station BBC Radio Suffolk have also officially launched today, having been available since 30th September during a period of testing.

87 percent of Suffolk's roads and 56 percent of adult listeners - around 400,000 people - can receive the stations, thanks to a network of three transmitters at Mendlesham (covering most of central Suffolk), Puttocks Hill (Bury St Edmunds and surrounds) and Warren Heath (Ipswich and locales).

A fourth transmitter for Felixstowe and surrounding areas will be powered up later in October, which will further increase the coverage for listeners with a DAB digital car radio using Suffolk's roads and in homes in and around the town.

You can view a map of the predicted coverage area for the Suffolk digital radio services here, which includes all four transmitters and see more stations on FM, online and on digital radio in Suffolk.

You'll need to retune your DAB digital radio to find the stations on DAB digital radio in Suffolk. These are broadcast on channel 10C: useful if you want to try a little manual tuning to see how strong the signal is, and to determine if you need to move your radio to a window with the aerial extended, if you're in an outlying area. Re-tuning can usually be performed by holding down the 'autotune' or 'scan' button on your radio for a minimum of 3 seconds, but we've comprehensive advice on our FAQs page. Older DAB radios may require you to perform a 'full scan' or 'rest-of-the-world' scan to make sure channel 10C is picked up in the search; Suffolk DAB stations are broadcast further down the waveband, on a frequency not originally planned to broadcast digital radio. For this reason, make sure you try a 'full scan', not a 'UK-only' scan.

In September 2015, listeners in Norwich and Norfolk were asked to retune their DAB radio to continue to hear local digital stations broacdasting to their area.

Suffolk is the final area covered by the latest round of local DAB digital radio multiplex awards. The local DAB multiplex for Essex launched way back in Summer 2002, whilst Spring 2003 saw the launch of Norfolk's DAB radio stations. The Suffolk multiplex was advertised in March 2015, with Muxco the sole applicant for the licence. Muxco was awarded the licence in August 2015 and have since made adjustments to the station line-up for the official launch of the multiplex.

To receive DAB digital radio services, you need a type of radio designed to pick up digital broadcasts over the airwaves through its built-in aerial. We've links to good models on our pages, or scroll down the page for some quick links to both DAB and wi-fi receivers.

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