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Sunday, 25th September 2016
Kiss: goodbye to Cornwall and Reading?

Pop, dance and r&b station Kiss is leaving local DAB digital radio in Cornwall, Plymouth and Berkshire, following its move to the national commercial digital radio bundle. Although the station launched on national DAB as long ago as 2013, broadcasting in mono, the station has held onto its stereo DAB slots in Cornwall, Plymouth, Reading and Basingstoke until now.

Due to carriage agreements, Kiss had been available on a number of local digital radio bundles up and down the country. Its removal from the Cornwall, Plymouth and Berkshire bundles offers a cost saving to the station's owner, Bauer, at a time when carriage renewal fees are due.

Kiss will stop broadcasting on the local DAB digital radio bundle serving Cornwall on channel/block 11B and Plymouth on 12D before or on 31st October 2016. The station leaves local digital radio in Reading & Basingstoke as soon as Ofcom - the radio regulator - has given approval for its removal, which may only take a few weeks. The output on local digital radio multiplexes matches that of national station; there are no local shows or ads.

There are no plans by the station's owner to replace Kiss with another of its stations on local DAB in Cornwall, Plymouth or Berkshire. The operators of the Cornwall/Plymouth multiplex, South West Digital Radio, welcomed dance music station Njoy Radio to Cornwall DAB in November 2015 - the most recent station to join the multiplex.

Listeners with a DAB digital radio may need to retune their DAB digital radio to look for Kiss on the national commercial bundle. Cornwall and Plymouth transmitters for national digital radio are located at Redruth, covering Redruth, Truro and most of west Cornwall; Caradon Hill, covering east Cornwall, parts of Plymouth and west Devon; Plympton and Torpoint covering the Plymouth area.

Berkshire national DAB from Digital One is covered by Hemdean for north Reading; Coppid Beech for Bracknell and Wokingham; Maidenhead Hyde Farm for Maidenhead; Hannington for Berkshire and North Hampshire; Basingstoke town centre and by many nearby transmitters covering Hampshire, with overspill into Berkshire.

Can't see another Kiss on your DAB station list? You can retune your DAB digital radio to see if you can pick up the station, if you live in Cornwall, Plymouth or Berkshire.

If you see ?Kiss in your station list, look for the name Kiss on your DAB radio station list and tune to it to hear the station in mono on national DAB. You can get rid of the ?Kiss entry in your list by selecting the option to 'trim station list' or 'prune stations' in your DAB receiver's menu.

If you've noticed Kiss has gone, disappeared or just fallen silent on your DAB radio, look for the name Kiss on your DAB radio station list and tune to it to hear the station in mono on national DAB.

There are alternative ways to listen to Kiss, should you find you are not within the DAB coverage area.

  • Freeview : Channel 713

  • Sky : Channel 0178

  • Virgin Media : Channel 963

  • DAB digital radio : Channel 11D (England, Wales, Northern Ireland)

  • DAB digital radio : Channel 12A (Scotland)

  • FM analogue : 100FM (London and surrounds)

  • FM analogue : 101FM (West of England, including parts of Devon)

You can also listen via apps and with an internet radio, if you have a speedy broadband connection.

In 2015, the local digital radio bundle for Plymouth moved to channel/block 12D. This improved coverage into Tavistock, Torpoint and Ivybridge. If you haven't retuned your radio since 2015, you'll need to retune now to make sure you're getting local digital radio stations for south-west England - otherwise you won't hear anything when you select some stations.

To receive DAB digital radio services, you need a more recent type of radio which can pick up both DAB and DAB+ digital broadcasts over the airwaves through its built-in aerial, to make sure you've a future-proofed way of listening to DAB digital radio. We've links to good models on our pages, or scroll down the page for some quick links to both DAB and DAB+, and internet radio, receivers.

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