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You can get the Pure Siesta S2 from Co-op Electrical Shop at around £65 or from Amazon. The S2 is available in white or graphite finishes.

All rise for Pure Siesta S2 - digital clock radio with alarm

Pure's latest alarm clock radio - digitally equipped with DAB and DAB+ for ultimate radio futureproofing - also boasts a three-year warranty for peace of mind, plus a host of useful features to get you up in the morning - or off to sleep.

The crisp, clear edgeless display of the Siesta S2 is where you'll find useful information on the digital or FM radio station you're tuned to, with large easy-to-read dimming numerals showing the time.
Pure Siesta S2 alarm clock DAB radio

Three new DAB+ radio stations began broadcasting nationally in the UK in March 2016, with several different DAB+ stations now available in Herefordshire, Portsmouth, North-East Wales and Manchester.

Equipped with two alarms, that can be individually set to a combination of single-use, weekday, weekend and daily (7-day) settings, the Siesta S2 'digital tick' radio has individual buttons for turning each alarm on and off, as well as adjustable snooze (5-59 mins), sleep (15-90 minutes) and a handy kitchen timer countdown to ensure a fair bakeoff.

The Siesta S2 produces an impressive 2 Watts of audio power from its single 2.5 inch speaker driver, while the display is auto-dimming with an additional 5 levels of manual adjustment - including backlight brightness for both in-use and standby modes, so you won't have to put up with a bright glow across the room either when the lights go out or while you are listening in bed with those around you.

You can also charge your smartphone via the Siesta's built-in micro USB port. DAB and FM stations are to hand and the little box of tricks measures in at 130 mm wide x 137 mm deep x 57 mm high and just over 360grams.

A dedicated presets button allows you to scroll through and store 5 stations on each waveband (DAB/DAB+ and FM). A wire aerial can be positioned to pick up digital and analogue radio stations.

Pure have once again provided an alarm clock radio that won't keep you awake with its display, while snooze, sleep and alarm buttons make altering settings much easier than other models of DAB alarm clock radio; the inclusion of a headphone socket is also a bonus point.

The Siesta S2 is available alongside the Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 and the similarly-specified Pure Siesta Rise, the latter having three alarms and rising/falling sound allowing you to wake up more slowly or drift off to a radio programme with fading volume.

Check the left-hand column to find out where to get one, for around £70 for the Pure Siesta S2.
Pure Siesta S2 DAB digital radio top view


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