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Saturday, 13th August 2016
Nonstop classic hits for Wales launches to Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool on DAB

Serving up pop and rock hits from the seventies, eighties and nineties, Nation Gold Radio has recently launched on local digital radio covering Wrexham, Chester, Liverpool and many parts of North-East Wales.

Already broadcasting across South-West and South-East Wales on digital radio, Nation Gold Radio now covers many parts of North-East Wales and Liverpool thanks to its recent addition to local digital radio in the area.

The local bundle of stations sees a few other changes: Nation Radio switches to a DAB+ format, generally receiveable by newer digital radios manufactured in the last five years. National stations Jazz FM Stereo, Magic Chilled and Fun Kids children's radio broadcast using the newer, more efficient DAB+ standard.

Meanwhile, Chris Country has been taken off the local bundle, but can still be heard in England's capital city, London, and on the nearby Manchester mini DAB trial in the North-West.

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