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Wednesday, 25th November 2015
What's not to Like about new station for Herefordshire & Worcestershire?

A brand new radio station with Liam Gilsenan at Breakfast launches on DAB radio in Herefordshire & Worcestershire on 14th December 2015.

Like Radio , with showbiz headlines, sixty second news and sports updates launches to the two cities in mid-December. It tweets about being available in Glasgow shortly, as part of a DAB mini-multiplex trial for the city, but is based in Hereford for its launch to the two counties.

Carried on DAB digital radio, the station will broadcast 24 hours a day from studios in Faraday Road in the city. If you can pick up BBC Hereford and Worcester on DAB, you can scroll through your DAB station list to find Like Radio in time for when it officially launches on 14th December.

To receive DAB digital radio services, you need a type of radio designed to pick up digital broadcasts over the airwaves through its built-in aerial. We've links to good models on our pages, or scroll down the page for some quick links to both DAB and wi-fi receivers.

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