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Plymouth DAB retune
Monday, 23rd November 2015
BBC Radio Devon & Gold move to channel 12D - required retune of DAB radio

Listeners in and around Plymouth who notice their local BBC station has disappeared overnight on 24th November will need to retune all of their DAB radios, thanks to engineering work that sees Plymouth local DAB move from channel (or block) 12A to channel (or block) 12D.

The change to the frequency which carries the bundle of stations BBC Radio Devon, Capital FM, Heart, Gold, Smooth Radio and Pirate Oldies for Plymouth means that DAB receivers won't automatically find the stations' new home on channel 12D.

The retune event has come about due to a reorganisation of local DAB blocks to allow more transmitters to be powered up to serve larger areas, without interfering with other multiplexes further afield that use the same block to broadcast on.

The retune event, which starts at 22:00 hours on 24th November and is due to be completed by 06:00 on 25th September is a step towards improve local DAB digital radio coverage in and around the Plymouth area; for over 100,000 listeners around Tavistock, Torpoint and Ivybridge, involving the launch of three brand new local DAB transmitters.

The new transmitters providing enhanced coverage for BBC Radio Devon, Capital FM, Heart, Gold, Smooth Radio and Pirate Oldies are located at North Hessary Tor (25th November), Ivybridge (26th November) and Torpoint (27th November).

The frequencies for national BBC and commercial radio stations, such as BBC Radio 2 and Absolute Radio, are not changing. You may receive some of the commercial stations broadcasting on the Plymouth multiplex from other transmitters serving Cornwall, Exeter & Torbay and North Devon.

The retune will not affect those listeners receiving BBC Radio Devon services on FM, MW, or online.

Listeners are advised to re-store presets on their radios, particularly if they use their radio as an alarm clock and to make alternative alarm arrangements during the overnight re-tune period.

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