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Tuesday, 3rd November 2015 [updated 29th November 2015]
NJoy Radio plans music and chat for Cornwall

A brand new local radio station for Cornwall, NJoy Radio has now launched across Cornwall on DAB digital radio. The crowdfunded station was granted a Digital Sound Programme Service licence by the radio regulator on 3rd November and has appeared on the local DAB multiplex serving Cornwall and parts of west Devon during the week ending 28th November.

Look for 'NJoy Radio Cwall' or 'NJoy Cwl' in your station list. It's broadcasting in 64kbps mono on the Cornwall multiplex and online.

The station, owned by former Pirate FM and Atlantic FM presenter Dom James, promises a 'great mix of music' and an advertising platform for local businesses, in addition to free promotion for local events and job ad spots for employers. The station aims to bring back 'round-the-clock local radio for Cornwall.

Alongside the DAB service, NJoy radio has apps for Android and iOS and can be found on the web at njoyradio.co.uk.

The station is seeking financial backing through a Crowdfunder campaign.

NJoy Radio joins two recent additions to the Cornwall DAB multiplex, both broadcasting in 112kbps stereo, including Escape to Cornwall, also at escapecornwall.co.uk, playing identifiable soundscapes from the coast to the Moor, including streams in Bodmin and the bustling city streets of Truro. Also on the multiplex, Pirate Oldies (pirateoldies.co.uk) has an oldies hour from 2pm every weekday, with sixties and seventies hits and the occasional tune from the fifties and eighties for good measure.

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