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Wiltshire DAB retune on 22 October 2015
Monday, 19th October 2015
Wiltshire playing to a different retune

Hmmm. Lost some of your local DAB stations in Wiltshire? Well, it's probably because the local bundle of stations has moved from Channel/Block 12D down the waveband to 10D, so you'll need to retune your DAB radio in Bath and West Wiltshire. You'll still pick up local stations on other channels; for example, the frequency of the Bristol multiplex is staying put on 11B. It's BBC Wiltshire and Gold you'll likely notice disappearing on your DAB radio until you retune.

The retune event has come about due to a reorganisation of local DAB blocks to allow more transmitters to serve larger areas, without interfering with other multiplexes further afield that use the same block to broadcast on.

To improve and enable an increase in coverage of local DAB digital radio for residents in Bath and West Wiltshire (Crockerton, Trowbridge and Naish Hill) and alond the A36, the Bath and West Wilts multiplex moves to a clearer channel on 10D, where it is less likely to interfere with other, distant multiplexes.

As a result of the improved coverage, all listeners to DAB digital radio in the Bath and West Wiltshire area need to retune their DAB radios after 6pm on 21st October 2015 to be able to continue to receive their favourite local DAB stations.

Listeners are advised to re-store presets on their radios, particularly if they use their radio as an alarm clock and to make alternative alarm arrangements during the overnight re-tune period.

To receive DAB digital radio services, you need a type of radio designed to pick up digital broadcasts over the airwaves through its built-in aerial. We've links to good models on our pages, or scroll down the page for some quick links to both DAB and wi-fi receivers.

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