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Friday, 19th June 2015
Suffolk First country music, news & sport and Anglia rock station feature in DAB bid for the county

STOP PRESS Suffolk stations launch on local digital radio 30th Sept 2016.

Two brand new radio stations are planned for local DAB in Suffolk, alongside BBC Radio Suffolk, Heart and Smooth Radio. The bidder for the multiplex license, Muxco, plans to begin transmitting services on DAB in the county in October 2016.

The county will be able to tune in to Anglia, a rock & pop music jukebox station broadcasting around the clock and Suffolk First, with news sport, entertainment and celebrity news during weekday mornings, alongside a "hits and memories" format, with a focus on country music tracks.

Should Muxco, the operator applying to run the local DAB multiplex for Suffolk, be successful in a license award, these two new stations will join contemporary hit music station Heart (currently on FM only), laid-back melodic hits station Smooth Radio (broadcast on mediumwave only at present) and the BBC's own local BBC Radio Suffolk (on MW and FM across the county).

BBC Radio Suffolk, Heart and Smooth Radio will all be broadcast in stereo on DAB in the area, with the two new stations heard in mono, at least to begin with.

Three transmitters at Mendlesham (covering most of central Suffolk), Puttocks Hill (Bury St Edmunds and surrounds) and Warren Heath (Ipswich and locales) will cover 87 per cent of the county's roads and 56 per cent of adults in the county who listen on a DAB radio indoors. You can view a map of the predicted coverage area here.

If Muxco get confirmation by the radio regulator, Ofcom, that they are the successful bidders for the DAB license by September 2015, services could be on-air by October 2016, following a period of DAB tests as early as September 2016.

The adjacent county of Essex saw their local DAB multiplex launch back in Summer 2002, whilst Spring 2003 welcomed Norfolk's DAB radio stations.

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