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Friday, 12th June 2015 [updated 2nd September, 19th December 2015, 29th May 2017]
Ten places see 9-month long DAB station trials - which cities will get the new stations?

London, Bristol, Glasgow, Cambridge, Portsmouth, Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester, Norwich and Aldershot will all be getting a bundle of stations launching on DAB digital radio within the next three months, thanks to a trial which sees small-scale DAB transmissions covering nine cities.STOP PRESS To see the current station lineup on the time-extended DAB mini bundles, check out the website of Niocast (Manchester), Solent Wireless (Portsmouth), Celador Radio (Bristol), Future Digital (Norwich) and Brave (Glasgow), giving the latest station and coverage information. Many services broadcast using the DAB+ standard, so you'll need a DAB digital radio with a 'digital tick', to be able to listen.

More than 51 applications were received by the radio regulator, Ofcom, to run small DAB multiplexes, but only ten operators have been given the go-ahead to launch. The trial offers an opportunity for stations that can't afford carriage fees to launch on local digital radio multiplexes to be heard on DAB.

London's U.DAB has committed to launch a number of community stations - Resonance, Rinse FM, NuSound Radio and Reprezent alongside soul station Solar Radio, London Greek Radio and soul/hip-hop station Crackers Radio on DAB. Update Camden Xperience CDNX is also penned for launch.

Stations on the Bristol DAB mini multiplex

Bristol gets University of the West of England (UWE)'s Hub Radio, BFBS Gurkha, Bradley Stoke's community BSR 103.4fm, city community station BCfm 93.2, Ujima, Somer Valley Radio and classic hits station The Breeze, courtesy of multiplex operator Celador Radio. BFBS is also joining the multiplex.

Manchester DAB mini multiplex stations

Manchester's DAB stations comprise Panjab Radio, Oldham's Revolution 96.2, newcomer talk station Manchester Business Radio, The Steve Penk Wind-Up channel for archive comedy calls and brand new country music station Chris Country. LBGT station Gaydio also takes its place on the small-scale DAB multiplex. All-eighties pop music station Max joins Ireland's talk station RTE Radio 1 on the multiplex. The multiplex is on the air now.

Birmingham has seen a number of stations launch on DAB: Birmingham City University's Scratch Radio, Switch Radio 107.5, LBGT station Gaydio, as well as Loughborough's Oak FM and Coventry's Touch FM. Update Soul, funk and dance station Starpoint Soul has also joined the lineup. Community stations Ambur Radio, Black Country together with London Greek Radio can also be heard.

Brighton celebrates with the imminent launch of Juice 107.2 on DAB, community station Radio Reverb alongside nostalgic classic music station Smile Sussex, longstanding Totallyradio currently playing ten channels of music including reggae, techno, alternative/indie, world, word, jazz, chillout, hiphop, breaks and trash streams from its online base, arts station Resonance alongside Resonance Extra and Brighton City Student Radio. The trial multiplex is on the air now.

Meanwhile Glasgow's line-up sees Helensburgh's commercial station Your Radio join festival supporter Celtic Music Radio, community station Pulse FM and newcomer Go Radio. Like Radio has also joined the multiplex, alongside LBGT station Gaydio. Panjab Radio and Radio Saltire complete the lineup.

Cambridge is launching with local service Star Radio, LBGT station Gaydio, country music brand Chris Country, Cambridge Regional College station Core Radio alongside community station Cambridge 105.

Norwich gets seven stations for its line-up, including community station Future Radio alongside extra service Future Plus and occasional popup events station Future Popup, soul station Solar Radio, commercial station Norwich 99.9, Jazz FM and reggae, techno, alternative/indie, world, word, jazz, chillout, hiphop and breaks station Totallyradio. Independent alternative music station The Music Machine will be playing out tracks from the last four decades. Update Camden Xperience CDNX is also planned to launch in Norwich.

Portsmouth's DAB multiplex loads up nostalgic music and easy listening station Angel Xtra covering the twenties to the fifties (ceased January 2016), community station Express FM, college station Jamm FM, Mango FM, classic rock station playing tracks from the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties The Flash alongside Somerset-based chart music brand 100% Triple Hits. The multiplex is on the air now. Jack FM, playing an eclectic mix of rock and pop alternatives and vote-for-your-song Jack 2 are both also on the air in Portsmouth, alongside jazz station Redtrain Express - theJazz (note: Redtrain Express test transmissions ended in January 2016). Indulgence and Awaaz FM both joined in January 2016.

Aldershot's DAB stations will comprise forces stations BFBS Aldershot, BFBS Beats, BFBS Gurkha Service - - a Nepali language service, hospital station Radio Frimley Park and community station Radio Woking. Local commercial station The Breeze also joins the multiplex. Update Radio Caroline can also be heard in and around Aldershot on DAB.

Each multiplex will be on the air for nine months during the trial, with Glasgow and London using two transmitters to broadcast services and other areas using just one low-powered transmitter.

To receive DAB digital radio services, you need a type of radio designed to pick up digital broadcasts over the airwaves through its built-in aerial. We've links to good models on our pages, or scroll down the page for some quick links to both DAB and wi-fi receivers.

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