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Sunday, 22nd March 2015
Premier Christian Radio gets national digital radio slot until 2028

National praise and music station Premier Christian Radio has managed to secure its future on DAB in the UK, following negotiations with Digital One, the commercial multiplex operator covering the UK.

The deal struck with the operator means Premier will continue to be heard across the UK on DAB digital radio. Premier is also part of both bids for the recent advertisement of the UK's second commercial radio multiplex, which means it will still be heard over large areas of the UK from 2016, when the new multiplex is planned to be switched on. It is expected the station will change to the new multiplex when transmitters have been installed and the multiplex is launched and sees its continued broadcast until at least 2028.
Premier Christian Radio
Premier Christian Radio secures its long-term future on national digital radio

Premier can be heard across multiple platforms - on mediumwave in London, Freeview free-to-air digital TV and in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on DAB.

The station is currently inviting donations from listeners to provide its long-term financial security.

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