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Tuesday, 10th March 2015
Hi-fi manufacturer Marantz confirms its internet-connected streamers are unable to offer support for HLS streaming

Japanese hi-fi manufacturer Marantz has confirmed today, 10th March 2015, that it won't be able to offer support for HLS streaming standards via the internet radio built into its Melody-branded receivers, meaning BBC Listen Again programmes can no longer be accessed directly its current range of internet-connected systems.

The company confirmed via a response on its FAQ (frequently-asked-questions) website page. The answer was given under a posed question "Why Can I not receive "Listen again" shows or podcasts with the BBC internet radio stations?" and "Can my unit receive the new HLS-AAC BBC internet radio streams?".

Marantz' response says: "The HLS-AAC streams - currently used by BBC for the Listen Again feature are not supported by your unit. Due to copyright reasons, BBC will not provide fallback streams in other formats for non live radio (e.g. Listen Again feature)". There is then a link to the BBC Blog describing the changes.

The FAQ suggests "contact[ing] the BBC to be informed about alternative ways of receiving Listen Again streams."
Pure of a Marantz streamer
Marantz has confirmed its current range, including the Melody Stream and Melody Media which connect to the internet, cannot stream the BBC's Listen Again programmes

A similar post by Pure on 12th November 2014, outlined problems with some of their recent models in streaming the BBC's listen again services. The FAQ reads: "The BBC have been making significant changes to the way they will deliver their Listen Again service after the 1st January 2015. Unfortunately the updates the BBC will be making will affect a few of our older products as they will no longer be compatible with the way that the BBC’s Listen Again service is broadcast. This decision was outside Pure’s control and will affect Avanti Flow, Sensia, Siesta Flow, Evoke Flow, Oasis Flow and Sirocco 550. Please be aware that this will not affect BBC Podcasts. Most Listen Again content is also listed as a Podcast so please review your Listen Again favourites and search under Podcasts."

This was followed up with a news item on the Pure Support webpages describing in more detail the changes affecting some receivers.

Pure has since updated the firmware in its One Flow, Evoke F4 and Pure Sensia 200D Connect to ensure listeners to the BBC's radio services can continue to stream BBC on-demand "listen again" content - both podcasts and full-length music shows.

A recent blog post by Andrew Scott, General Manager of Radio Product for BBC Future Media, describes the changes.

The alternative way to access BBC Listen Again programmes is through BBC iPlayer Radio via Internet Explorer or Firefox, apps on Windowsphone, iOS and Android.

Only a handful of products from Pure and Cocktail Audio are known to support the BBC's high-defintion radio streams, with manufacturers of high-end kit such as Naim and Linn, alongside Sonos multiroom systems and internet radios from Roberts investigating if the firmware in their products can be adapted to access the streams and listen again content.

It is understood the changes to the BBC's streams is to help distinguish overseas listeners and make it easier to protect copyrighted content intended for UK listeners.

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