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You can get the Revo AXiS X3 from Amazon at around £199, or from John Lewis.

If you want more information about an iPhone 4-compatible Revo AXiS XS, please see our news item on the XS here.

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Revo AXiS X3 brings lightning connector and Bluetooth revisions

The latest iPhone 5 sports a different connector, which had led to a lot of dock and music system manufacturers discounting old models to bring out spangly new ones with a compatible lightning connector, or dropping physical connectors in favour of wireless streaming, such as Bluetooth.

Revo covers both bases here with its refreshed Revo AXiS, sporting an X3 monicker. Not only is Apple iDevice compatibility upgraded to the latest iPhone 5 family, but Revo have thankfully included the latest Bluetooth streaming standards, packaging aptX connectivity into the system, which enables more expensive Android and WindowsPhone smartphones to stream audio in a higher quality than is otherwise possible over "normal" Bluetooth. There's also DNLA streaming from music held on your PC, MAC or network-attached storage.
Revo AXiS X3 front view showing colour display

DAB (including DAB+ broadcasts, heard in places such as Australia), FM and internet radio stations (including "listen again" content) can all be accessed via the X3's 3.5 inch colour touchscreen, which uses the reliable Frontier Silicon portal to locate stations' streams. There's support for colour-enhanced DAB slideshow and RadioVis broadcasts, which provide useful information by syncing weather, news, artist and track information on the X3's colour display during radio shows.

Wrapped in a new gunmetal grey casing, the X3 aims to please musically thanks to its 8 Watt class D amplifier and Balanced Radiator (ported) loudspeaker technology, which will provide enough audio power to fill a small to midsize room.
Revo AXiS X3 showing an iPhone docked

A remote control, wi-fi internet radio connectivity and alarm clock with sleep and snooze functions makes the X3 extra handy in either the kitchen or bedroom. In addition, there's an oh-so-necessary headphone socket, hi-fi quality line-level RCA phono and 3.5mm audio inputs. Phone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPod touch 5th generation and iPod nano 7th generation models are all compatible with the AXiS X3.

The AXiS X3 is fully controllable via its bright touch-sensitive screen with all function accesses duplicated on the remote.

Measuring in at 220mm (W) x 150mm (D) x 125mm (H), the AXiS X3 offers a sophisticated bedside radio, with plenty of the latest music streaming features.

The Revo AXiS X3 is priced at £200.

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Detail of the Revo AXiS X3's display
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