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You can get the Blutune 40 from Amazon at around £70, or from John Lewis. Amazon also stock the Blutune 50 for around £80, as do John Lewis.

If you're after the Blutune 60, Amazon have it for around £200. They also have the Revival Blutune for around £200 and the flagship Blutune for under £200. John Lewis also stock the Revival and flagship Blutune models.

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Roberts streaming tunes with Blutune range

Roberts' latest bunch of DAB-enabled kit lets you stream audio from your smartphone via Bluetooth. The logically-named Blutune range pick up digital terrestrial stations such as TeamRock Radio, BBC Radio 6 Music and 4 Extra, with your smartphone handling the internet radio side of things; apps such as UK Radioplayer and TuneIn giving you thousands of additional stations from around the world.

If your favourite station should fall off DAB, you'll be able to find it or a load of similar stations online and wirelessly stream the audio to a Blutune. With no fewer than five (count 'em) models in the range, Roberts has its bases covered, with the classic look of the Revival Blutune sitting alongside the modern, understated Blutune music system. As is customary with Roberts, you get a lot of sound per pound and a useful list of features.

Roberts Blutune 40 – under £80
Roberts Blutune 40
Blutune 40 features dual alarms, with a gently rising volume level (to avoid scaring you out of bed) and dimming display. Alongside Bluetooth connectivity, there’s a 3.5mm input socket for any brand of mp3 player - useful if you want your hits quick and without having to pair up a friend's 'phone. Measuring 180mm x 105mm x 138mm, the Roberts Blutune 40 also has FM, DAB and DAB+ (the latter is useful for futureproofing your radio, or if you want to take it abroad to Australia, where DAB+ broadcasts are the norm). A stereo headphone socket is included. The single speaker (5 Watts) is more than enough to be heard over the kitchen extractor.

Roberts Blutune 50 – under £100
Roberts Blutune 50
The Blutune 50 fits two mid-range speakers for stereo (2 x 5 Watts), plus a separate speaker for improved bass response. Just like its smaller brother the Blutune 40, two separate alarms can be individually set for any combination of weekday, weekends or daily wake-up calls. A display dimmer cuts brightness from the numerals and a headphone socket stops your disturbances. The receiver picks up DAB, DAB+ and FM broadcasts.

Roberts Blutune 60 – under £200
Roberts Blutune 60
CD hardcopies are back in fashion; hurray for the Blutune 60, which will happily spin your silver discs. The '60 employs the same slowly-rising wake-up call of its stablemates and, again, two alarms that can be individually set. A display dimmer, headphone socket and 3.5mm input for any brand of mp3 player match those across the range.

Roberts Revival Blutune – under £200
Roberts Revival Blutune
The classical looks of the Revival Blutune hide the same Bluetooth capability, but is the only one of the group to offer true portability, with up to 120 hours’ battery life from four D cells. There are audio inputs and outputs, letting you connect the Revival to a bigger system when you're at home. Chrome-plated controls and a nostalgic wooden cabinet, black leather cloth covering and traditional carryhandle are details borrowed from the fifties.

A robust 1.6kg, the Revival Blutune packs a headphone socket and RDS station naming on FM. The Revival can, of course, pick up both DAB and DAB+ broadcasts.

Roberts Blutune – under £200
Roberts Blutune
The flagship monolithic Blutune (confusingly missing a model number to distinguish it from the others) offers Bluetooth aptX connectivity, which enables more expensive smartphones to stream audio in a higher quality than is otherwise possible over "standard flavour" Bluetooth.

There's just the one alarm, but the Blutune features a 2.1 speaker system and a handy remote control. With dimensions of 340mm x 155mm x 173mm, it sounds out 2 x 9 Watts RMS audio power and includes DAB, DAB+ and FM wavebands.

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