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See an important note below in obtaining the DAB and DAB+ version of the radio for use in the UK from March 2016, below

Where to buy

You can get the D2 DAB+ from Amazon at under £90. NOTE Look for the 'digital tick' mark when buying; the D2 DAB/DAB+ version from Amazon and Argos - note that the screen/display arrangement is slightly different for DAB/DAB+ models. D2s from reputable sellers are now DAB/DAB+, and the Pure Website indicates these are DAB+ ready.

Pure's dinky compact D2 picks up DAB and FM

Pure's bringing back memory presets on its latest compact radio; the D2 offers four buttons around its white-on-black display screen, giving direct access to up to four of your favourite stations.

A real walnut wood casing wraps a crisp fascia, housing a high-quality full-range 3 inch speaker with digital amplification. A further 16 presets are accessible through the menu, with kitchen and sleep timers, a single alarm (you can wake to a tone or the radio), stereo headphone socket and 3.5mm socket for connnecting your iPod or MP3 player all part of the deal.

For maximum portability, an optional Pure ChargePAK B1 rechargeable battery pack fits into the Evoke D2 for portable listening. On the back, there's also a port for improving bass response and a telescopic aerial.

The radio measures in at 115mm wide x 180mm high x 120mm deep and turns up 1.6 Watts of audio power. The UK version picks up all DAB digital radio broadcasts in this country.

The Evoke D2 is available now at £85 - check the left-hand column to find out where to get your hands on one.
Pure Evoke D2 front
Pure Evoke D2 rear

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