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Pure Evoke Mio is a fab-sounding radio available in a host of colourways. Its sensitive receiver will pull in even the faintest DAB signals, making it a good choice in poor signal areas.

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Where to get it

Amazon sell most of the colour variations.
You can also buy the Mio fromJohn Lewis, who also stock the Orla Keily Abacus and Union Jack Editions.
M&S also sell one or two models.

Evoke Mio - take a blaze of colour & sound with you

If you want some bright tech for your pad, Pure is on hand this summer with new colour schemes for its highly-reviewed Pure Evoke Mio DAB portable receiver.

With its internal electronics based on the wood-wrapped Evoke 1S, the Mio is like the "feature wall" to your otherwise doudy black, white or silver hi-fi system and dock.
Pure Evoke Mio in mustard
Pure Evoke Mio is a great-sounding UK-designed DAB and FM radio.

Available in no fewer than ten striking colour schemes: teal, grape, cherry, noir, rose, paprika, seagrass, pepper, sage and mustard, Evoke Mio produces an impressive 7 Watts of music power - easily allowing the radio to be heard above the dishwasher or cooker extract.

The Mio features an alarm and countdown kitchen timer - which you will use more often than you think, particularly if the oven timer is tied up baking cakes while you need to time the perfect boiled egg.

The radio handily incorporates your presets in a combined DAB and FM list, which can be scrolled through using a clicky dial. The Mio also doubles as a powered speaker, as you can hook up your mp3 player via its 3.5mm audio input.

Headphone moments are also allowed, thanks to the Mio's 3.5mm socket and the radio takes a ChargePAK E1 battery when you're away from a power socket.

Archers fans needn't feel left out, as the Mio covers both DAB and FM wavebands, so whether you're into Ambridge Extra on 4 Extra or the omnibus on BBC Radio 4, the Mio has all bases covered.

At £130, this isn't a budget model, however, the range of colour finishes and connectivity options make the radio an attractive proposition. Have a look to the left to see where to get one.
It comes in a wide range of funky colours.
There's a bass port on the underside of the radio to help improve bass response, plus a number of sockets on the back of the radio, which let you hook the Mio up to a larger hi-fi system, enable listening through headphones and use as a powered speaker for your iPod or iPhone.

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