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If you want a simple, no-frills DAB & FM radio, the One Mi will suit. Just be aware of the lack of a headphone socket.

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Where to get it

Pure One Mi will be available very soon - check back here and we'll let you know when.

Pure facelift its One Mi with red, white & blue stripes

Not content with adding a bit of pizazz to its One Mini, Pure have clearly been dipping toes into the primary colour paint pots to come up with a radio celebrating all things British.

The compact, UK-designed One Mi picks up FM and DAB radio stations in a unit measuring 15.5cm long x 10.0cm high x 4cm deep and uses a tiny 1.5 Watts of power in use and barely a trickle in standby.

Disappointingly, the One Mi omits a headphone socket (if this bothers you, check out the aforementioned Mini, which is headphone-friendly), but does take a rechargeable battery in the form of the dinky ChargePAK A1, which you can pop in before you pop out to the garden.

FM junkies needn't feel left out, as the One Mi will, like 99.9 percent of portables, pick up FM stations.
Pure One Mi Union Jack - front view
Pure One Mi is a simple, no-frills DAB and FM portable

The Union Jack version is on its way, but get the Pure One Mi from Amazon in black or white.

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