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Saturday, 19th December 2009
BBC power ups new national DAB transmitters

BBC urban music station 1Xtra, comedy and books channel BBC Radio 7 and sports commentary station 5 Live Sports Extra can now be picked up on a DAB digital radio, extending coverage to several news areas, as the BBC this month switches on a series of digital radio transmitters.

The new transmitters allow a full set of the national services from the BBC to be heard on a DAB digital radio in and around Truro, Cornwall, Keswick, Cumbria, Monmouth, Monmouthshire, Dursley, Gloucestershire and Pontypridd, Rhonnda Cynon Taff and Caerphilly.

Listeners with a DAB digital radio in and around these areas can receive the new services by performing an "Autotune" or "Autoscan" with their DAB-enabled tuner or radio. The national BBC services now available are as follows:

BBC Digital Radio Logo

  • BBC Asian Network (mono)

  • BBC Radio 1

  • BBC 1Xtra

  • BBC Radio 2

  • BBC Radio 3

  • BBC Radio 4

  • BBC Radio 5 Live (mono)

  • BBC 5 Live Sports Extra (mono)

  • BBC 6 Music

  • BBC Radio 7 (mono)

  • BBC World Service (mono)

To receive DAB digital radio stations in the UK, you need a DAB digital radio - a type of radio that can receive digital radio broadcasts. For more information, discover more about radios available to buy.

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