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Monday, 27th July 2009
MuxCo hints at local digital radio multiplex launch dates

Local DAB digital radio multiplex operator MuxCo has indicated it is still hopeful for a 2009 launch for the North-East Wales and West Chester digital radio services.

Following publication of the Digital Britain report, MuxCo has been in discussions with transmissions provider Arqiva, working towards the launch of each multiplex. The company is in discussions with Ofcom, looking at the benefits of combining adjoining local multiplexes. However, it appears launch dates will be again pushed back further into 2010 for those multiplexes originally planned to launch in the latter part of 2009 while talks take place.

The confirmed line-up of stations for each multiplex will not be known until time of launch. The Digital Britain report recommended a review of the local DAB multiplex configurations this year, with the recommendation that they be merged to form regional multiplexes if necessary. MuxCo is currently working with Ofcom to investigate technical aspects of these recommendations.


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