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Thursday, 11th June 2009
No change of heart as station names disappear from the radio landscape

More heritage station names across England and Wales are being lost this month, with the launch of Heart, a radio brand that started life in the West Midlands in 1994.

Essex FM, Invicta FM, Ocean FM, Southern FM, 2CR FM, Wirral's Buzz, Champion 103, Coast 96.3 and Marcher Sound are all switching name to Heart in the final round of sweeping changes that has seen a large number of recognised station names disappear overnight.

The stations' operator Global Radio plans to make them more appealing to media buyers by offering a quasi-national network of stations under the Heart brand, with stations featuring local breakfast and drivetime shows. By concentrating on just a few key names, such as Galaxy, Heart and Gold, the company hopes to put an end to confusion for potential advertisers seeking a local, regional or national ad campaign across its network. The company believes a unified name to its radio network is key to its plans.


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