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Thursday, 19th March 2009
Change to Heart could leave visitors Foxed

The name Fox FM in Oxfordshire is being consigned to history after almost twenty years. Oxfordshire's Heart is due to launch on Monday, 23rd March on 102.6 and 97.4 in the county.

Listeners to GWR FM in Bristol, Bath and Wiltshire, Gloucestershire's Severn Sound - its name in use since 1980 - Somerset's Orchard FM, Devon's Lantern FM, Gemini FM, Plymouth Sound and South Hams Radio are also in for a shock when they tune in on Monday morning to hear their station has changed to Heart.

Ofcom recently issued a yellow card to Bristol's GWR FM for not playing enough contemporary and chart music in accordance with its format. Much of the new Heart stations' output will originate from Global Radio's flagship Heart station broadcasting to London, which concentrates less on chart music and more on familiar middle-of-the-road music and 'classic' hits.

The recent yellow card for GWR FM, in its transition to Heart, throws up several problems as the networked programmes could feature less current music than some stations' Formats are required to play. This could result in more yellow cards being dished out by the media regulator if the new Heart stations stray from their defined Format.


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