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Monday, 19th January 2009
Digital One holds 'January Sale' to encourage station owners on board

Digital One is dropping the cost of transmitting a national radio station on its DAB digital radio multiplex in an effort to encourage more stations onto the platform.

The cost will be lower than that in 2008, but each station will be expected to contribute to the continued rollout of the current transmitter network in the future.

The operator is welcoming speech or formats with consumer appeal, including stations for books and plays.

The multiplex has been hit with a number of station closures since its launch, including rolling news station ITN News and financial news station Bloomberg Radio in 2002 and oldies and easy listening station Primetime Radio in 2006. Pop station Core, adult contemporary music station Life, theJazz and plays, comedy and books station Oneword all closed in 2008. Channel 4 Radio ditched its stake in Oneword in April 2008.

4 Digital Group were due to launch ten new stations from July 2008, but Channel 4 Radio withdrew its support and the future of its stations E4, Pure 4 and Channel 4 Radio, blaming the downturn in radio advertising and cost savings of GBP100 million.

It is not yet known if any of the other original stations from the 4 Digital Group lineup will go for the spare capacity on the national commercial DAB digital radio multiplex.

It is planned to migrate all radio services on FM and AM to digital by 2017.
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