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Muxco Lincolnshire

Friday, 24th January 2008
MuxCo provides the local DAB link in Lincoln

MuxCo has teamed up with Lincs FM Group, operators of a portfolio of radio stations from Oak FM to Ridings FM, to bring local DAB digital radio services to Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and North-East Lincolnshire.

In addition to providing its two local stations Compass FM and Lincs FM, the group is also proposing a brand new country music station for DAB - Lincs Country. This will be the first new country station since the demise of 3C.

The county's BBC station - BBC Radio Lincolnshire - will also be carried on the multiplex.

MuxCo Lincolnshire plan to bring new services - Easy Radio, a laid-back easy listening, rock and blues station, Christian broadcaster UBC, chart, dance and rock tracks station Shuffle and rolling roads information service Traffic Radio - to the area when the multiplex launches in July 2009.

A number of downloadable podcasts are also in the pipeline.

MuxCo are proposing four transmitters across Lincolnshire at Belmont, High Hunsley, Lincoln County Hospital and Grantham.

MuxCo Lincolnshire

  • BBC Radio Linconshire : news, information and music

  • Lincs FM : current and classic hits for Lincolnshire

  • Compass FM : current and classic hits for Grimsby

  • Lincs Country : country music

  • Shuffle : chart, dance and rock tracks with listener-generated content

  • UCB UK : music and religious programmes

  • Easy Radio : easy listening music including rock, blues and folk

  • Traffic Radio : rolling traffic news service


MuxCo has also outlined their podcast plans:

ITN On - a news and information service. The service will initially be audio, but as technology develops ITN wish to review opportunities for video.

Itchy Media (who produce Itchy Guides for major centres across the UK) - a dedicated guide for the City of Lincoln and beyond.

Channelfly produce one of the UK’s biggest music magazines (The Fly), manage bands like Franz Ferdinand and the Kaiser Chiefs and operate a large network of music venues (The Barfly). Already a podcast producer, The Fly Podcast will bring a great music service to the area.

Totallyradio is an internet delivered specialist music service. Covering genres from hip hop to nu jazz, their material will include a range of specialist music created by their producers as well as local talent.

Headliners (formerly Children’s Express) is a charity that encourages learning through journalism. They act as a news agency with young people writing and recording their own stories for broadcast. DAB podcasts will be an excellent opportunity for local children to get their stories on the air.

Passion for the Planet are a DAB operator that are keen to expand but need to do at an appropriate rate. Their podcast will include best of material from their existing services with local features of interest to Lincolnshire residents.

Sabras Radio broadcast on DAB in Leicester and London, as well as online. They are keen to develop local podcasts for specific areas and are keen to launch one for Lincolnshire’s Asian population.

Sunrise broadcast a number of Asian services, and will broadcast their broad Sunrise Asian service on Channel 4’s national multiplex. Sunrise are keen to develop their youth Asian focused service, Yarr, through podcasts in markets were the potential audience size is not sufficient to maintain a full service.

Lincs FM, The Lincolnshire Echo, community stations Siren FM, Tulip FM and Gravity are also interested in providing podcasts for download over the DAB airwaves.

The news of the sole applicant for Lincolnshire's DAB multiplex arrives at the same time as the advertisement for the local DAB digital radio licence for Somerset, which MuxCo are also planning to apply for.

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