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MuxCo York and Scarborough

Wednesday, 13th June 2007
North Yorkshire back in the frame for DAB

Until a new set of frequencies on DAB Band III was reserved for digital radio, it looked like many areas of the UK were to go without. However, last November, a new round of DAB licensing was announced and today it is North Yorkshire's turn for the advertisement of a new local DAB multiplex for the county.

The Local Radio Company (TLRC) owns and operates many of the local FM stations in the area - Minster FM in York, Harrogate's Stray FM and Yorkshire Coast Radio, all of which could make it onto DAB digital radio if TLRC make an application for the licence. If they do - and win the licence - it will be the first time any TLRC stations are heard on DAB digital radio. Laser Broadcasting is the only other local commercial broadcaster in the area and is very likely to launch a bid with prospective DAB operator MuxCo.

New company MuxCo has teamed up with a number of radio groups, such as Laser Broadcasting, to make applications for licences in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, Northeast Wales and West Chester and Northamptonshire.

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