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Friday, 16th February 2007 (updated and expanded Nov 2009, Dec 2009 & Feb 2010, July 2016)
New audio coding option for DAB digital radio broadcasts named as DAB+

The new AAC+ audio codec for DAB, which enables more stations to be carried on a DAB digital radio multiplex, will be called DAB+, it has been announced. Marketing materials designed to help consumers identify DAB+ on receivers compatible with the additional audio codec are being developed by WorldDMB. July 2016 update: look for the green digital radio 'tick' mark on product pages, on the box or on the receiver itself. If the description says the radio will receive DAB+ stations, the receiver is equipped to receive DAB+ radio stations in the UK.

The new codec is based on MP4 compression; currently DAB digital radio stations are broadcast in the UK using technology based on MPEG Audio Layer II (MP2) technology.

The first national UK radio stations to broadcast in DAB+ launched in March 2016 - Jazz FM, Magic Chilled and Fun Kids radio were the three available from launch. See our national station listings to see a current list of stations broadcasting in DAB+ (check the listings on the left-hand side of the page).

Most radio receivers available today are compatible with both the DAB and DAB+ standards, though there are exceptions where older models are still being sold, for example in clearance sales. The single new digital radio 'tick' standard allows companies to manufacture receivers for a worldwide market and, as a result, consumers will be able to take their digital radios abroad if they wish, ensuring they can still pick up stations broadcasting in their destination country that use either DAB or DAB+ as the digital broadcast standard.


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