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Sunday, 17th September 2006
Canwest celebrates second licence for Original format in Bristol

Adult orientated music station Original 106fm has been awarded the new FM local radio licence for Bristol. Original 106fm, owned by Canada-based broadcaster CanWest, is aimed at an over-40s age group and will base no more than 45 percent of its music output from the charts. Rock music from the last 40 years will feature strongly in the station sound.

Original 106fm beat off competition from chillout music station Chill, which can already be heard on DAB digital radio on some local multiplexes in England and Wales, Aussie-based Maquarie Bank's Diamond FM format (which won the Plymouth licence award) and several other rock-based stations.

Original 106fm is due to start broadcasting in the Solent region in a matter of days - at 12pm on 1st October 2006.

Origianl 106fm will begin broadcasting in 2007.


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