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Monday, 27th February 2006
Radio-now reports from Sound and Vision - The Bristol Show

It's over for another year, but Bristol Sound and Vision turned up one of the largest variety of hybrid DAB/FM kit we've seen so far at the Show.

Pure Digital, Onkyo, Denon, TEAC, Tivoli/Ruark, Acoustic Energy and Yamaha were all well represented at the event, with Pure in particular demonstrating a host of digital receivers.

There were a few disappointments: we missed 2005's show and it would have been nice to see the kit from Yamaha and Tivoli (Model DAB) up and running, but alas it seems not all manufacturers come equipped with aerials or have enough room to demonstrate key products!

We present our comments and reviews from the show:

» Teac R-3 DAB digital triband portable radio review - Teac's portable stunner is here
» Teac SR-L50 DAB/CD stereo system - a full review of TEAC's lifestyle CD/DAB system
» Onkyo CS-220UK DAB mini hi-fi system - Onkyo's stylish, well-built DAB/CD combo system
» TEAC Reference 255 DAB mini hi-fi system - with the pen-drive enabled receiver
» TEAC Reference 300 Mark II DAB mini separates system - TEAC's updated Ref300
» Pure Evoke 3 DAB digital radio review - a first look at Pure's Evoke 3
» Pure Chronos review - wake up to the new DAB alarm clock on the block
» Pure Oasis weather-resistant radio review - a radio you can take into the bathroom
» Pure DMX-50 DAB mini system review - Pure's recording DAB digital tuner, CD and amp
» Pure DTM-300 DAB lifestyle system review - the DAB system with a small footprint
» Pure PocketDAB 2000 review - Pure's neat do-it-all DAB recorder and MP3 player
» Pure Sonus 1-XT review - We take our first look at Pure's talking DAB radio
» Pure Evoke 2-XT review - Refined and improved - Pure Digital's stereo DAB portable
» Pure Elan series review - Do Pure's inexpensive kitchen radios cut the mustard?

» Archive

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To receive DAB digital radio stations in the UK, you need a DAB digital radio - a type of radio that can receive digital radio broadcasts. For more information, read our guide to DAB digital radio and discover more about radios available to buy.

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