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Friday, 6th August 2004
Pause for thought with the Roberts RD8 DAB/FM radio

Roberts Radio has launched the first of its radios equipped with a facility to pause and rewind live radio to hear again something you've missed.

The Roberts RD8 DAB digital/FM radio features a PAUSEplus button that allows you to freeze the current radio programme while you answer the door or make a cup of tea, or simply to hear a song or an address you missed, for example.

The Roberts RD8 built-in memory can store up to around 40 minutes of audio internally (typically 10-20 minutes for mid-quality stereo stations, less for Radio 3 and high-bitrate stations) while you take a telephone call. It can jump back in time to let you listen again to the name of the song or the beginning of "The Archers" on Radio 4.

The Roberts RD8 also offers FM reception, with 10 presets split between the two wavebands - DAB Band III and FM. It displays the station's name on FM using RDS and is dual-powered either by 4 "D"-size batteries or by the mains. Its large, readable backlit amber display is angled upwards.

An Autotune and manual tune function lets you seek out stations and you can tweak the bass and treble through tone controls. The 120mm drive unit with separate tweeter aims to give more bass than would be expected for a radio of this size.

With a headphone socket and telescopic aerial, the RD8 measures 200 x 200 x 125mm and is available now at under GBP150.00.

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Roberts RD8 DAB/FM radio
The battery and mains Roberts RD8 DAB/FMer with PAUSEplus

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