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Thursday, 29th July 2004
Pure Digital build on the success of the Evoke 1 with the Evoke 1XT

Pure Digital has announced a late-August debut for its latest DAB radio - the Evoke 1XT. Offering extra features over the bestselling Evoke 1, the Evoke 1XT will be available in cherrywood and maplewood finishes.

The Evoke 1XT features a wake-up alarm, countdown timer for use in the kitchen, a clear white-on-blue display with adjustable brightness and a new custom-built 3 inch drive unit. Active filtering is a new feature designed to extract the best sound from DAB digital radio stations.

Firmware updates are handled by the Evoke 1XT's USB port. Six presets can be programmed on DAB Band III and the 1XT offers separate 3.5mm stereo sockets for headphones, connection to a larger hi-fi system and a link-up to a matching auxiliary speaker.

The Evoke 1XT's corners have been rounded off, the speaker chamber is ported for improved bass response and the audio filtering enables the 1XT to extract the best sound from all kinds of DAB radio stations.

DAB digital radio logo
Pure Digital Evoke 1xt maple
Pure Digital Evoke 1xt cherry
The Evoke 1XT is available in both cherry and maple veneer finishes

Measuring 210mm (w) x 175mm (h) x 110mm (d), the mains powered 1XT is expected to hit the shelves in late August or early September. It is available in limited quantities at the moment, but keep an eye on our shopping guide for further details.

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