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Thursday, 29th July 2004
Samsung plans autumn launch of DAB micro with 5 CD changer

Samsung is planning to bring its second DAB micro system to the shelves in early October, with the announcement of its MMZJ9DAB micro hi-fi system.

With a similar specification to the MMZJ8DABRH micro system, the new Samsung MMZJ9DAB offers more on-board CD storage with its 5 CD changer. The Samsung MMZJ9DAB system also features an auto reverse cassette deck for recordings, AM and FM tuner with RDS and offers CD-recordable, CD-rewriteable and MP3 CD file playback.

The alarm-enabled MMZJ9DAB will wake you up in the morning to any source including DAB digital and analogue radio.

Samsung's second DAB micro system offers a number of presets across three wavebands - DAB band III, FM (with RDS station naming) and AM. DAB station name and scrolling text is carried on its large display.

The Samsung micro features three preset settings to tweak the bass and treble, providing up to 2 x 40 Watts RMS maximum power output through its speakers, each of which features twin midrange/bass drive units.

Headphones can also be plugged in to the Samsung MMZJ9 DAB system, whilst a remote control is included for armchair operation.

Samsung MMZJ9 DAB micro

DAB digital radio logo
Samsung's futuristic MMZJ9 DAB micro hi-fi system, with 5 CD changer

The Samsung DAB micro system is available to buy from October 2004, at GBP259.99 on the high street and GBP199.99 online.

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