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Thursday, 15th July 2004
RadioScape expand on DAB features with new module

RadioScape is launching a new DAB Band III and Band L module incorporating an FM RDS tuner. The new module will allow DAB digital radios to be built that have built-in colour screens to display an Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).

The RadioScape RS300LT module will also allow features such as pause and rewind of radio programmes and the storage of shows onto removable memory card.

Shows can be set to record using information provided by the EPG and the module will allow the recording of one station at the same time the user is listening to another station on the same multiplex. A data service can also be downloaded and viewed at the same time.

Service linking is also supported by the RS300L module, so that the radio can tune away to the same station on FM if the DAB signal fades away. The feature will also allow linking between local stations on different multiplexes.

It is anticipated the first products to use the module will be available in time for Christmas 2004.

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