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Thursday, 1st July 2004 (amended 27th July 2004)
Panasonic changes DAB scene with SCEN9 micro DAB hi-fi

Panasonic, hot on the heels of Samsung and LG Electronics, has launched its first DAB micro hi-fi system - the SCEN9. Available now, the Panasonic SCEN9 combines CD player and DAB Band III reception and FM tuner into one unit, with separate speakers.

The Panasonic's motorised front panel reveals a vertically-mounted CD player, capable of playing a variety of formats including CD-recordable and CD-rewriteable discs and those holding MP3 files. The Panasonic SCEN9 also features a compression digital re-master system to extract the best sound from MP3 files together with a selection of sound settings.

Panasonic Scen9 DAB micro
What's new in DAB?

» You can view new arrivals in the world of DAB and wi-fi internet radio - including brands by Sony and Panasonic by looking on our home page, on our news pages or on our dedicated radios and tuners pages.

The Panasonic DAB micro offers 4 preset equaliser settings (XBS/Clear/Soft/Vocal) for different types of music, a "Live Virtualizer" feature to give a live feel to a performance on DAB or CD and a dynamic bass feature to boost bass frequencies.

The Panasonic system's backlit display can display DAB station name and scrolling text information. Stations on DAB are tuned automatically and the DAB signal is also used to set the built-in clock. A programmable timer is also present on the SCEN9.

Weighing at a total of 1.6kg for the centre unit and 1.4kg for the speakers, the amplifier can deliver 2 x 2.6 Watts RMS through its speakers at 10 percent THD (total harmonic distortion).

A remote control is included for armchair operation.

Panasonic Scen9 DAB micro hi-fi

DAB digital radio logo
Have you SCEN9 it before?
Panasonic's futuristic SCEN9 DAB micro hi-fi system

The Panasonic DAB micro system is available to buy online now, at around GBP199.00.

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Article corrected 26th July 2004: the UK version of the SCEN9 receives DAB Band III only and not both Band III and Band L as originally stated.