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Sunday, 14th March 2004
Philips enters the DAB market with new handheld

A new handheld DAB digital radio, the Philips DA1000, is now available. The Philips DA1000 features both FM and DAB Band III reception and offers twenty presets for storing favourite stations.

The battery-operated DA1000 plays for up to ten hours between charges. Station and scrolling text information are carried on the white backlit display, which also gives information about volume and signal strength, battery level and the current equaliser setting selected. The time is also shown.

DAB digital radio logo
On DAB, there are 6 preset equaliser settings on the DA1000 that give a boost to bass and treble frequencies when listening on the move and a central joystick provides a digital volume control (up/down) and station and mode selection (left/right).

The UK version of the Philips DA1000 offers Band III digital radio reception. The DA1000 can be plugged into its supplied AC/CD adaptor, or powered from two supplied rechargeable AA batteries.
Philips DA1000 DAB handheld
Philips DA1000 DAB pocket handheld radio

With in-ear headphones and a carrying pouch also as part of the package, the Philips DA1000 is available to buy now at around GBP115.00 through our online shopping guide.

To receive DAB digital radio stations, you need a DAB digital radio - a new type of radio that can receive digital radio broadcasts. For more information, read our guide to DAB digital radio and discover more about the handheld radios available to buy.

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