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Thursday, 19th February 2004
Radio technology and events news roundup

RadioScape has create the world's first tri-band ultra compact micromodule for DAB handheld receivers - incorporating DAB Band III, Band L and FM with RDS - on a micromodule measuring only 52 by 37 by 7 millimetres.

"This module is a breakthrough in DAB miniaturisation," said Nigel Oakley, VP of Marketing at RadioScape. "The module is smaller than a box of matches and will enable a portable DAB receiver to be made that is less than the footprint of a business card. The size determining factors are now the display and the batteries."

DAB digital radio logo


Unique Facilities are inviting the UK radio industry to broadcast live from the 2004 Daily Mail Ideal Home Show at London's Earls Court.

The event sees the arrival of Unique Facilities' retro 1950s Winnebago style trailer, which houses a brand new, state of the art, digital radio studio.

Radio stations can broadcast a show from anywhere in the arena including the full-scale river weir with running water, the houseboat with interiors by celebrity designers, the breath-taking gardens and stunning show homes.

If you would like the opportunity to broadcast live from this exciting event please call Ben, Lawrie, John or Stuart on 020 7723 0322 or alternatively email for more information:


Unique Interactive has announced that it has signed an agreement with EMAP Performance Limited to supply dynamic text services for its eight radio services broadcasting on the Freeview platform.

Using "ManDLS", an innovative web-based system, EMAP's radio services already provide a dynamically updated text service alongside their digital radio services on local DAB multiplexes. The extended agreement means that the text service will also be available for the first time to listeners on the Freeview platform.


Unique Interactive has also signed a three-year deal to supply DAB Digital Radio Scrolling Text software "ManDLS" to the BBC English Regions, meaning BBC local radio will be able to create and continually update their own local news and scrolling text content on DAB digital radio.

Using "ManDLS", the BBC is bringing a dynamically updated text service alongside all BBC local radio stations currently available on DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting). Following a successful six-month trial, the text service launched on Thursday 12th February 2004.

Last month, Virgin Radio launched a dynamic text service on analogue RDS. Using the "ManDLS" system, Virgin Radio can now create, monitor and update the RDS text messages on their London-based FM service from anywhere in the world.


Hitachi is the first of the major Japanese brands to adopt a new RadioScape DAB module concept, which has been used to bring the world's first microsystem with DAB, the AXM68D, to the UK market.

The RadioScape RS200 module makes DAB radios as easy to make as FM sets by fully integrating Band III DAB, FM and RDS into a single module that only requires buttons, power, output, case, display and antenna to be added.


Unique Interactive have recently announced a new way for broadcasters to create, manage and update programme-listings. Having created software to manage and generate EPG information for DAB Digital Radio, the company is now offring a similar service to radio and television broadcasters on the Sky Digital platform.

Using a proprietary software system, broadcasters can quickly and easily provide dynamic up-to-date programme listings to Unique's EPG management servers from anywhere in the world. These listings are then automatically verified and simultaneously published to DAB multiplexes, the internet and Sky Digital.

The first customer to sign up to this new EPG service is SBN (Student Broadcast Network) who have signed a two-year deal which includes Unique providing DLS scrolling live text for their London DAB channel.


To receive DAB digital radio stations in the UK, you need a DAB digital radio - a new type of radio that can receive digital radio broadcasts. For more information, read our guide to DAB digital radio and discover more about the tuners available to buy.

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