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Sunday, 11th January 2004
ElanSat offers cheapest DAB radio with FM, hitting the sub-GBP90.00 market

ElanSat's LaGIO tabletop/kitchen R102 radio offers the best of both frequencies - as it offers both DAB and FM in one box and - at the moment - for a sale price under GBP90.00.

The mains-powered DAB/FM tabletop radio sports both DAB Band III and FM reception, with a backlit display lighting up blue when receiving DAB digital radio stations and green when pulling in stations on FM.

The ElanSat LaGIO R102 tabletop/kitchen radio also features 6 presets on FM and 6 on DAB. More importantly, it also ships with standard RCA phono outputs for connection to an external amplifier or cassette deck, and both optical and coaxial digital outputs that allow connection to an external Minidisc recorder or similar.

The LaGIO R102 crams RDS station naming and PTY (programme type search) functions available on the FM waveband into its dark wood veneer box, which also houses two 3 inch 5 Watt speakers for stereo sound and a 16x2 character dual-line matrix display giving DAB digital radio scrolling text and RDS information.

The LaGIO R102 also ships with a remote control, headphone socket and its overall dimensions are 320 x 130 x 110mm. The case is faced with wood veneer and the front panel is of a silver finish. In addtion, the ElanSat kitchen radio also sports an F-connector for adding an external aerial.

ElanSat LaGIO R102 DAB/FM radio
ElanSat LaGIO R102 DAB digital radio with FM

ElanSat LaGIO R102 DAB/FM radio lights up
The display of the LaGIO R102 lights up in two colours, depending on whether a DAB or FM station in tuned-in.


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