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Sunday, 28th September 2003
Wake up call as a new DAB digital radio from Pure Digital is launched

Pure Digital's new Evokesque-looking Tempus-1 may prove that DAB digital radio can actually send you to sleep. The company's latest model lets you wake up with one station and allows slumber by another.

The trademarked touch-sensitive "Snoozehandle" activates the snooze feature and, at night, the illuminated clock. The sleep function means the Tempus 1 will automatically switch itself off, too. Both weekend and weekday alarms can be programmed.

DAB digital radio logo
The new radio is also equipped with nine timers, allowing shows to be recorded onto MiniDisc, CD-R or analogue cassette.

A USB port is also fitted, which allows the Tempus-1 to be upgraded with any firmware enhancements in the future.

The new DAB digital Tempus-1 features a small array of outputs around the back, which includes 3.5mm stereo jacks for headphones, connection to a stereo amplifier setup and an optical S/PDIF output for stereo digital audio output.
Pure Digital Tempus 1
Pure Digital Tempus 1 DAB digital radio

The Tempus-1 improves on the Evoke-1's presets by offering ten presets in all. The radio makes use of Pure Digital's white-on-blue display for clarity.

The mains-only Tempus 1 will be available from November, at a price to be announced.

Radio-Now will keep you informed when this radio hits the shelves, through our shopping guide.

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