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Thursday, 18th September 2003
And finally... Time runs out for last batch of DAB Band III licences

The final round of DAB digital radio Band III licencing - the band currently used for digital radio transmissions in the UK - has taken place, with one company set to win the right to launch multiplexes covering Cornwall and Plymouth.

South West Digital Radio Limited, a company formed from Pirate FM's parent UKRD and NOWdigital - the digital radio offshoot company of Plymouth Sound's operator - have secured their application to the radio regulator.

digital radio logo
Two channels on DAB digital radio have been reserved for the new set of stations, which means that BBC Radio Devon would be carried in the Plymouth area and BBC Radio Cornwall within the county of Cornwall.

Both Pirate FM and Plymouth Sound are due to take their place on DAB digital radio, alongside Classic Gold, which for the first time would be heard throughout large areas of Plymouth and Cornwall in stereo.

Dance music brand Kiss, modern rock music service The Storm and student network station SBN are also planned for both multiplexes.

SBN, transmitting from 7pm until midnight every evening, forms part of an Access channel for the South-West. Details of other content providers to this station have yet to be announced. Two further channels are to be introduced during the twelve-year term of the licence.

South West Digital Radio have fixed their sights on an October 2004 launch date, but have to wait until November to find out if their application is successful. The company plans to use three transmitters, sited at Plympton, Redruth and Caradon Hill, to bring local DAB digital radio to around 70 percent of the people living in Plymouth and Cornwall.

The new multiplexes will use channels 12A (for Plymouth) and 11B (for Cornwall).

Two different channels - 12A and 11B - have been reserved for the Plymouth and Cornwall multiplexes, which means that South West Digital Radio Limited (SWDR) could broadcast a completely different set of stations on each. Just as BBC Radio Devon and BBC Radio Cornwall are only being broadcast on the respective multiplex, SWDR could approach the radio regulator with a view to setting up any further local services for Cornwall and Plymouth, to maximise the use of both multiplexes for local stations.

We will find out in November whether SWDR have been successful in their bid for the South-West local DAB licence.

To receive DAB digital radio stations in the UK, you need a DAB digital radio - a new type of radio that can receive digital radio broadcasts. For more information, read our guide to DAB digital radio and discover more about the tuners available to buy.

A further set of frequencies on DAB digital radio Band L are due to be made available from around 2007 onwards.

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