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Sunday, 27th July 2003
Goodmans car hi-fi unifies DAB and FM through one aerial

Goodmans has started shipping its new GCE7007 car hi-fi tuner, which for the first time dispenses with the need for an additional aerial to handle DAB station reception.

The new unit, combining CD player with analogue FM/MW and Band III DAB digital radio, produces 4 x 20 Watts of power and can store 30 analogue stations in memory.

DAB digital radio logo

The CD player, accessible along the top of the detatchable front panel, has repeat, random play and intro play functions and there are 18 DAB presets to play with, too.

An autostore feature picks out and stores all analogue stations the unit can find and the radio lets the user have a quick listen to all FM/MW presets in order.

The RDS-enabled hi-fi displays the name of the FM station and, on the DAB digital waveband, the tuner also picks up programme information where broadcast.

A tough carry-case is supplied for the front panel and it's also possible to connect another audio device to the hi-fi thanks to an AUX input.

The car hi-fi retails for around GBP199.99.

Goodmans DAB GCE7007
Goodmans GCE7007 in-car hi-fi DAB tuner

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