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Sunday, 20th July 2003
First multimedia trials on DAB digital radio

The UK's first live trials for delivering multimedia content via DAB digital radio have been launched by the dDAB consortium. Using an experimental DAB multiplex in London, audio programmes and visuals are being sent to a small user group to test the new system.

Programmes included as part of the experiment are an Astronomy and comedy programme. Virgin Radio's Liquid DAB station will also be carrying visual ads and sponsorship messages, mixed in with the live radio output.

DAB digital radio logo
The idea behind the experiment is to provide information to the audience connected to live radio content, for example, further track details or addresses for competitions.

Iain Duncumb of the IMPACT Research Group said: "DAB Digital Radio allows for the broadcast of audio with pictures and text and is ideally suited for mobile environments. This will mean that in the near future radio listeners will be able to receive additional information such as, images of scoreboards, interactive adverts, artist biographies and other contact information."

Matthew Honey, Managing Director of Unique Interactive said: "DAB Digital radio already offers radio consumers simple information such as the track currently playing and the track to come, via the scrolling text - through this project though we can now offer a much greater level of interaction. This has benefits to radio listeners and to all DAB Digital Radio broadcasters, both from the commercial and the public sector."

The dDAB consortium is developing synchronised visual media and interactivity for existing radio broadcasts. The consortium has been supported by a GBP350k grant from the DTI and EPSRC and includes Unique Interactive, Virgin Radio, Nucleus Digital and TTPCom. The project is managed by the IMPACT Research Group at Loughborough University. Further information on the dDAB Project and consortium can be found at

An example of the new service could look

An example of how the new service might look on a handheld device

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