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Monday, 23rd June 2003
New ads for DAB digital radio launched on the Beeb

The BBC has launched a campaign to increase awareness of its five new digital radio stations on DAB - 1Xtra, Five Live Sports Extra, 6 Music, BBC 7 and the Asian Network.

The new campaign invites listeners to "make time for digital radio", suggesting some extraordinary sacrifices to tune in to digital radio, such as not getting dressed.

dab digital radio logo
The new ads are backed up by research provided by the Digital Research Development Bureau (DRDB), which suggests that one in five digital radio buyers bought a digital radio to listen to the new station BBC 7.

Andy Duncan, Director of BBC Marketing & Communications says: "This is our first and biggest ever promotion of the BBC's digital radio networks, with a major push this summer and another later in the autumn.

"We hope the campaign will drive digital radio take-up in the same way as our digital tv promotion last year drove viewers to our digital tv services.

"Our big goal is to see as many people as possible getting access to the BBC's new radio networks."

The ads coincide with the start of the expansion of the BBC's digital radio transmitter network, which will increase current coverage from 65 percent of the UK population to 85 percent in 2004.
BBC promo for digital radio
BBC promo
BBC promo for digital radio
Promotions for DAB digital radio from the BBCi website

The new advertisements across television, radio and BBCi are being run alongside a five-week campaign by the DRDB to increase awareness of commercial digital radio services.

The tagline for the DRDB's campaign - "Does it Do Digital?" aims to encourage listeners to go digital through the suggestion that only a DAB digital radio can give listeners a wide choice of stations available with the latest DAB radio technology.

The promotion will run on GWR, Capital Radio, Emap, SRH and Chrysalis-owned commercial radio stations.
BBC coverage map
The BBC's new promotion of DAB digital radio stations complements its plans for further DAB digital radio transmitters. Coverage (shown in yellow) is set to increase to new areas (shown in dark green), with variable quality coverage possible in other areas (shown in light green) by the end of 2004.

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