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Tuesday, 25th March 2003
Taiwanese company hoping to introduce dual-band portable handheld DAB digital radio to the UK

With more and more new digital radio products arriving in the UK, a Taiwanese company is looking to introduce its new DAB/FM personal receiver to the market.

Hoping to capitalise on the success of DAB digital radio here, Enca Technology is exploring possibilities for a collaboration between itself and companies with experience of DAB digital radio.

DAB digital radio logo
The ENCA DAB radio conforms to the Eureka 147 standard, has a 24-bit, 96KHz stereo DAC, twin-band (Band III and Band L) receiver, alongside an FM analogue tuner, a backlit display and weighs in at 120 grams.
Enca handheld DAB digital radio

The radio measures 80 x 100 x 15mm and can display station information and dynamic service information text.

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