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Saturday, 10th February 2003
Blaupunkt Woodstock DAB52 car digital radio unit specification

Blaupunkt unveiled the World's first DAB car radio to fit into the standard radio slot in the front of your car last year, but now you can buy online through .

As well as receiving DAB digital radio, the unit also plays MP3s through multimedia cards and its built-in CD player and has a removable front panel for security. Up to 20 DAB digital radio stations can be stored in memory and the radio is capable of receiving DAB travel and news information, which means the radio will switch to a travel update, just as RDS does, when one is available. The radio also allows you to view DAB service information text.

DAB digital radio logo
The unit will receive both Band III and Band L DAB transmissions. Currently, Band III is used within the UK for DAB services, although Band L is more common on the continent.

The DAB "Travelstore" function will also store the first five stations on each ensemble in memory, to save time.

An analogue FM/MW/LW tuner is also incorporated into the unit, with a further 30 presets for favourite stations. The car radio has full RDS-EON facitities including scrolling RadioTEXT, Alternative Frequency (AF) switching - to try and locate a stronger signal when the current station fades - Programme Type (PTY) display and Traffic Announcement (TA) features.

The built-in CD player will play normal music CDs, MP3 files burnt onto CD-R and CD-R/W media at up to 256Kbps, full text display of MP3 ID tag details (when available) and intro play for music tracks. Standard CD features such as random play, search and repeat are also included. A CD changer is an optional extra.

A 5-band digital graphic equaliser lets you tailor the sound to your individual taste and six level presets (rock, jazz, etc.) come pre-programmed. The amplifier is capable of producing 4 x 45 Watts.
Woodstock DAB52 front panel
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