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Tuesday, 21st January 2003
Three DAB multiplexes to launch at the end of the month

Local DAB digital radio is expanding into new counties, with the expected launch at the end of this month of three local DAB multiplexes.

Listeners in Eastern Bath, West Wiltshire, Swindon and South Hampshire will all be able to tune in to local DAB digital radio in their area.

DAB digital radio logo

The services in The West will comprise of:

  • Classic Gold Digital : oldies and easy listening (UBC Media/GWR Group plc)

  • Capital Disney : top 40 pop music for teens, plus Disney programmes (Walt Disney/Capital Radio plc.)

  • The Storm : modern pop rock (GWR Group plc.)

  • Passion : Adult contemporary music and discussion of environmental issues (Passion for the Planet Ltd.)

  • Kiss : current and classic dance music (Emap)

  • Saga Radio : music for the over-45s (Saga Group)

Multiplex operator NOWDigital will launch other services including separate editions of GWR FM in Bath and Swindon and local stations Swindon FM and Bath FM. The BBC is expected to follow suit with local stations BBC Radio Swindon and BBC Radio Wiltshire broadcasting their own shows when available. NOWDigital's deal with SBN will also see the student broadcast network shows appearing on the multiplex between 7pm and 6am every day. Children's radio Abracadabra, from Soundstart Ltd., will be broadcast during weekends. Swindon will launch on block 11C and West Wiltshire and Bath will utilise a separate channel, 12D.

From the end of January, listeners with a DAB digital tuner in South Hampshire will be able to hear local stations BBC Radio Solent, Ocean FM, 103.2 Power FM and classic hits station Capital Gold. Also on the new service on channel 11C, subject to confirmation, will be Solent regional station Wave 105.

Modern rock station The Storm is also planned to appear on the new multiplex, alongside easy-listening-and-talk station Saga Radio. These two services can already be heard on several digital multiplexes in the UK and on the internet.

Passion for the Planet - a green issues and world music station - is another brand new addition to the ensemble, with student radio service SBN sharing space on the multiplex with SouthCity FM, childrens' radio service Abracadabra and hospital radio from Southampton.

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