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Tuesday, 21st January 2003
Ministry of Sound launch portable handheld DAB

A new portable handheld DAB digital radio is about to hit the shops, from Ministry of Sound.

The battery-operated personal DR-011 will launch at around GBP149.99 and is launched alongside Ministry of Sound's existing catalogue of products, including headphones and micro hi-fi systems.

DAB digital radio logo                            

Ministry of Sound handheld DR-011 DAB digital radio
The Ministry's DR-011 is battery operated
with a two-line dot matrix LCD giving track and station information

The two-line dot matrix backlit display gives information about the track and station currently heard, with a five-bar signal strength indicator and digital clock displayed above. A battery strength indicator lets you know when the batteries need replacing and a station lock function prevents you from accidentally changing stations on the move.

Ten favourite stations can be stored in memory and the radio is controlled by a central four-direction "joypad" with four separate buttons alongside - these are used, for example, to control the backlight and store stations in memory. The headphone socket lets you plug in your own 'phones.

The silver and grey unit comes with built-in aerial (using the headphones as the antenna), carrying strap, M-Bass boost, in-ear headphones and a set of batteries. A recharger is also included for recharging the batteries.

Battery life is estimated at 12 hours (without the use of the backlight), which is a significant improvement on other models.

The radio is available to order, in advance of an expected 6th February 2003 shipping date, by searching on "ministry" at Dixons online.

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