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Friday, 6th December 2002
Leicester squares up to task of bringing DAB digital radio to the area

If the prospect of talk-and-easy listening FM station Saga Radio in the new year doesn't appeal to your radio tastes, here's some pre-Christmas good news: Leicester's very own local DAB digital radio multiplex is up and running today.

The new transmitter serving Leicester and surrounding areas has been powered up, following the delay to its launch as a result of the recent Fire Strike. With the help of a DAB digital radio tuner to receive the new stations, 7 services for Leicester are now available.

DAB digital radio logo by Steven Hooper                             Several existing stations have signed up to broadcast on the new platform and, from today, BBC Radio Leicester, Leicester Sound and 106 Century FM are all available in Leicester using a DAB tuner.

AM station Sabras Radio makes the transition to digital radio and there's a new digital-only station aimed at young Asians called A Plus.

Young people are also catered for by Capital Disney, a station playing chart music from the last two years. It is expected more entertainment shows will be produced by this station when more DAB radios have been sold.

Dance and R&B station Galaxy Digital is also up and running, having lost out to Saga 106.6 FM in the recent FM licence award for the East Midlands.

As we first reported on 21st November, in a "brand-switching" move, the rock music station planned for the area - The Arrow - will not be launching. Instead the Galaxy brand will be heard in this part of the country. Saga 106.6FM, the new regional easy listening-and-talk FM service, due to launch in the new year, has turned down its reserved space on the Leicester DAB multiplex. It was thought sister station Saga 105.7 FM may appear in Leicester instead, but multiplex owners NOWdigital are currently looking for a replacement station. It's possible NOWdigital could bring in its own modern rock station called The Storm.

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