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Wednesday, 6th November 2002
New Goodmans DAB digital radio products announced

The Goodmans range of affordable DAB digital radios have arrived online. The new radios combine a traditional FM/AM radio with the latest DAB digital radio technology.

The Goodmans GPS280 DAB CD & radio has a Band 3 (the current band being used for DAB services) DAB section and an analogue dial-tuning FM/MW tuner. It also features a top-loading programmable CD player, full range speakers and remote control. A two-line dot matrix LCD gives information about the current DAB station with DLS digital text information.

DAB digital radio logo by Steven Hooper                             The GPS280 also sports an external aerial socket and 10 radio presets.
Goodmans GPS280 DAB CD/Radio
Goodmans GPS280 DAB CD/Radio combo.

The Goodmans GCD200 DAB Personal CD is a single-box combined DAB-FM-AM receiver and CD player. The tuner can be both main powered and also runs on batteries, giving 7 hours CD playback and 15 hours DAB usage using alkaline batteries. The analogue tuner has an LCD display offering 20 presets, with an additional 2-line dot matrix display for the DAB digital radio service text. Up to 10 DAB stations can be stored as presets. The unit is portable, using alkaline batteries and comes with an AC adaptor, earphones and active powered speakers. There's also a socket for an external DAB aerial. The programmable CD player has intro scan and random play facilities.
Goodmans GCD200 DAB Personal CD with Speakers
Goodmans GCD200 DAB Personal CD with Speakers, which can be powered by batteries!

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